Journey to Success of CEO John Lemp

Posted by maisie aldous on 01:42 PM, 09-Dec-14 • Comments (1)
John Lemp, CEO
and founder of LLC and, is a popular name in online world, especially in the fields of marketing & advertising in which he has been working for many years and his huge experience has made him a definite winner of the field. He studied from Rochester Institute of Technology and, of course, his qualification has played a major role in his personality and career building.

RevContent is one of the biggest achievements of John as the company has become leading platform for monetization through content marketing. John has worked extremely hard with his dedicated team to create extremely powerful solutions for the monetization issues. He has chosen absolutely unique approach towards quality traffic and his strategies have worked amazingly great for the partner advertisers who received the flow of valuable traffic.

You might be surprised to know that John’s efforts have brought him amazingly great results when his unique strategies worked and made RevContent world’s largest monetization network. The platform has revolutionized advertising and marketing ways for content promotion and at present the platform is serving more than seventeen billions impressions every month around the globe on highly ranked websites.

John went beyond the traditional ways being used for years to get supportable content monetization results through creating banners and he moved ahead and discovered the editorial properties. He went for the advanced strategies not just for technological demands but also for the consumers who want nothing but the quality and better performance.

Surely, it was never easy to go beyond the limits and worked for the other businesses to give them the ways towards success. John did this by letting them have full-fledged access to the properties from leading editorial of the world, thus, letting them an opportunity to empower and strengthen their companies and brands to access huge number of quality users engaged with premium sites.

John services are valuable and he has undoubtedly done wonderful jobs for the small business which are normally superseded by large business groups who don’t want others to come into their competition, however, John’s knowledge, skills and experience in the field has helped him discover such amazing advertisement ways which have completely changed the phase of marketing for all small as well as big businesses. You can read more about CEO John Lemp contributions for which is another great example of innovation in the world of online business.